Freelance Work

Graphic, video and sound editing

Graphic design

I work with you to make a logo, graphic, document or related that suits your needs and matches your required audience.


Document design

I work with your content and format it in a way that suits what, when and where you plan on using it.


Advertisement creation

I'll work with you to create either an advertisement template or singular ad that suits your audience.


Digital conversion

I convert and format your images, video or audio to suit the platform(s) that they are being shown on.


Social media content

I'll design a range of content for certain platforms. This content can either be original or an overview of the types of things you could post yourself.


Other design work

I'm willing to try new things and work with you or your brand to create something truly unique matching your audience.


Video editing

I'll use Adobe Premier Pro and Adobe After Effects to curate your content how you imagine it.


Sound editing

I'll do basic mastering, chopping and effects to your audio so it flows or sounds how you want it to.


The first step in getting your digital design/editing work done is discussing with me your needs and wants. This will ultimately be followed up by a $100 deposit (for hourly work) which is included in the final costing. Hourly jobs that take under 2 hours to completely finish will cost a flat rate of $100 regardless of its nature.

It is possible there will be extras like photographers, stock photos, different platform requirements, and more, but these will always be discussed before additional costs are added. Use the contact form below to contact me for a personalised quote or if you have any questions!

Web design and development

Single page scrolling

A single page website with your content formatted in a professional manor suiting your target audience.


One site fits all

A standard website with less than 5 pages that is designed to suit what you and your audience need.


Advanced website

I work with you to design your 5 or more page website with your content built to suit exactly what you need.


Search engine optimisation (SEO)

One off SEO for all of your website so it appears where you want it to on Google's search engine.



I design the platform on which your products can be represented and bought while keeping your target audience in mind.



Have a blog implemented in your site so you can talk with your audience effectively and keep engagement high.


Email marketing template

A template you can use for all your future email campaigns. This only applies to some domain hosters.


Graphic design styling

I make graphics for your website to give it an extra edge and to better engage your target audience.


I will personally walk you through every step of the process of getting a website made for you or your business to suit your content to your targeted audience. The first step will be to help arrange what plan suits your needs most and talk further about what field your business or personal career is in so I can get a better understanding of your target market. At this point we will discuss the $150 hourly work deposit before starting.

The second step is picking a domain, hosting plan and platform. Alternatively I'm able to build off of anything you currently have or use an existing service provider you have a plan with. The cost of the domain and website builder aren't included in the cost of the package. The list below are my personal recommendations in order of quality:

  • Squarespace - Simple, content focused layouts
  • Shopify - The best at eCommerce and automation
  • WiX - Has tools to effectively do anything you could need
  • Google Sites - Cheap and simple to use but lacks in-depth customisation
  • Adobe Spark - Has a simple interface with a small list of features
  • GoDaddy - Does the job well, but lacks a range of features and ease of use

The last step is the creation of your website is creating the website itself. I will walk you through all the design decisions and formatting guidelines I use with references to backup and support what you want. You will be able to see live previews of the site while I'm working on it and be able to make executive decisions on what ultimately goes where.

Sometimes there can be extra costs regardless of the website you need. These costs can range from required plugins, apps, optional extras, prolonged time in creating the site, and more, but will always be discussed beforehand. Please don’t hesitate to use the next pages contact form to contact me about what you need or just some questions you may have.

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The Shopify logo
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