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Sizy's logo

Sizy Clothing

My own business venture, Sizy, is an accumulation of knowledge from both my freelance work and studies. It has aspects of copywriting, eCommerce management, web design, graphic design, targeted advertising, email marketing, business models, customer relationship management, project management, social media management, budget management, HTML and CSS coding, search engine optimization, A/B testing, content management systems and ad optimization.

Mind Care Queensland

Mind Care Queensland required creation of a dynamic website with engaging social media that helped their clients efficiently see more information on the services they would be receiving. With firm copywriting, target market segmentation and effective graphics I was able to create an atmosphere for their clients that encouraged new and return business. With the success of the first website, I was again commissioned to work on their new business venture, the Mind Care Podcast.

Authentic Wisdom

Authentic Wisdom was designed from the ground up using Squarespace to reach their target market of people seeking natural remedies. The design choices for both the website and product labels are all designed with a focus on natural elements while the SEO and copywriting also reflect this with an emphasis on professionalism and empowerment. For this project we followed industry standards on project management and client communications to ensure the project both ran on time and fulfilled all their goals.

FC1919's logo

Grange Thistle Football Club

While creating Grange Thistles website using the WiX website builder, their style guide needed to be created so that not only could it be easily modified by them in the future, but ensure all design elements fit in with their emerging FC1919 brand. This project, done on a volunteer basis, had to reflect their target markets, have strong copy and follow their social media policies. This work also included enhancing and reformatting images, email marketing templates and community sourced user testing.

A link to all my portfolio files can be found here.