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Motorcycle Specialties

Motorcycle Specialties, widely recognized as MCS, has played a pivotal role in my professional growth, offering valuable opportunities to expand my knowledge not only in design but also in the realms of marketing and business. Through practical application, I have successfully implemented a range of innovative concepts that have transformed the company's operations.

To enhance the business's online presence, I utilized the Neto platform to develop a more streamlined and user-friendly front end. Leveraging my proficiency in the Adobe Creative Cloud, I designed captivating print and digital content that effectively resonated with the target audience. By implementing industry best practices in digital advertising and social media, I significantly boosted brand visibility and engagement.

Notably, I spearheaded product design initiatives and conducted comprehensive user testing, ensuring that MCS offerings aligned seamlessly with customer needs and preferences. Employing effective EDM campaigns for both B2B and B2C segments, I maximized customer reach and engagement. Additionally, I adopted an analytics-driven approach, leveraging data insights to optimize various business activities, thereby enhancing overall performance and driving growth.

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Sizy Clothing

Sizy, my personal business venture, represents a culmination of expertise acquired through a blend of freelance work and rigorous studies. This multifaceted endeavor encompasses a diverse range of disciplines, including copywriting, ecommerce management, web design, graphic design, targeted advertising, email marketing, business models, customer relationship management, project management, social media management, budget management, HTML and CSS coding, search engine optimization, A/B testing, content management systems, and ad optimization.

Drawing upon my extensive knowledge in these domains, I have developed a comprehensive skill set that empowers me to provide end-to-end solutions for businesses. From crafting compelling copy and designing user-friendly websites to optimizing ad campaigns and implementing effective marketing strategies, I am equipped to deliver exceptional results across the digital landscape.

Moreover, my proficiency in HTML and CSS coding enables me to tailor unique online experiences, while my expertise in search engine optimization and A/B testing ensures maximum visibility and conversions. With a solid grasp of content management systems, I efficiently manage and curate engaging content to captivate audiences and drive brand growth.

Mind Care Queensland

Mind Care Queensland entrusted me with the creation of a dynamic website and compelling social media presence, enabling their clients to access comprehensive information about the services they would receive efficiently. Through strategic copywriting, precise target market segmentation, and captivating graphics, I established an immersive atmosphere that not only attracted new clientele but also fostered repeat business.

The initial website's success led to another exciting opportunity—I was commissioned to contribute my expertise to Mind Care Queensland's latest venture, the Mind Care Podcast. Building upon the achievements of our previous collaboration, I embarked on this new project with a deep understanding of their brand identity and the desires of their audience. Together, we aimed to create an engaging platform that would further amplify their message and provide valuable insights to their listeners.

Through effective storytelling, meticulous attention to detail, and a commitment to delivering exceptional digital experiences, I helped Mind Care Queensland achieve their goals, leaving a lasting impact on their clients and paving the way for their continued success in the ever-evolving mental health landscape.

Authentic Wisdom

With a meticulous approach, I crafted Authentic Wisdom's online presence from scratch using Squarespace, strategically targeting individuals in search of natural remedies. Every aspect of the website, as well as the product labels, was thoughtfully designed, keeping natural elements at the forefront. The visual aesthetics were carefully chosen to resonate with the target market, while the SEO and copywriting complemented the brand's essence by exuding professionalism and empowerment.

In addition to the creative aspects, I adhered to industry standards for project management and client communications throughout the entire process. This ensured that the project ran smoothly, adhered to deadlines, and successfully accomplished all of Authentic Wisdom's objectives. By integrating seamless coordination and effective collaboration, we delivered a compelling digital platform that captivated the target audience and empowered them on their journey toward natural healing.

FC1919's logo

Grange Thistle Football Club

As the creator of Grange Thistles' website using the versatile WiX website builder, I undertook the crucial task of establishing a comprehensive style guide. This guide not only facilitated seamless future modifications by the client but also ensured that all design elements seamlessly aligned with their evolving FC1919 brand. Despite being a volunteer project, I dedicated myself to developing a website that truly resonated with their target markets, incorporating compelling copy and adhering to their social media policies.

Moreover, my responsibilities extended beyond website design. I took charge of enhancing and reformatting images, crafting captivating email marketing templates, and orchestrating community-sourced user testing. This holistic approach allowed me to create a cohesive digital experience that reflected Grange Thistles' vision while engaging their audience effectively.

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